Monday, May 9, 2011

Should the Guardian outfit change?

For several times playing Wizard101, I've been wondering that Should the guardian outfit look like the Commander gear or Prestigious gear? Comment below and tell why you agree or disagree.
Together, We can make a change!!

Hatching meet-ups!

I will gladly hatch with a pet that has Spell proof, Spritely and Spell defy! Let me show you my adult pets and up.
Fragmented Dragon-66- Life giver and Piercemonger
Sea dragon-65-Spell proof9, Stormproof9 and Sharpshot5
Rainbeetle1-Healthgift33 and Towershield
Rainbeetle2-Spritely and Stormproof3
Helion-You dont wanna know...
Starfish-spritely, iceshot5, healthgift 93
Storm hound-Pipo'plenty3, Stormshot5, and may cast stormblade
Tempesthound1-healthgift114, pipo'plenty5, stormproof9, and Tower shield
Tempesthound2-Stormproof3 and Pipo'plenty1
Supportivewilclaw(balance blade)-Myth accuracy and a bogus stat..
Tempest-Spellproof and Plaguebringer
Frontier Dragon(balanceblade)-Paingiver and Disarmament
Fragmented Dragon-Paingiver and Piercemonger
Frostcaller(satyr card)-Tower shield and Sharpshot
If you have a pet with Spell proof, defy and spritely and have interest in my pets, comment and we'll meet in game.
Since I really want the stats that I said above, I will take this seriously and try to not fail.
The best meet-ups date is on Weekends, afternoon, on hatchery, realm scarecrow, area 1.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Plaguebringer talent and MORE!

I tested out the "updated" Test realm and saw that my crowns were renewed....AGAIN! I quickly bought some mega snacks and started training my tempest to see if it gives anything good...
And sure enough, IT DID!
AND ANOTHER WIN! YEAH! This might be my next best pet!
Cant wait to see what it learns on epic!

Tune in for more action.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Total opposite pet talents!

Study this picture until you see something unusual
Thats really weird, I guess. Blade and disarm for dragon. Shield and pierce for magma.
I havent really noticed this before until I trained my pets. Cya in the spiral!

Anyone know where the wintertusk amulet vandor is?

If you know where the guy that sells amulets in wintertusk, please comment below. Thanks for helping!