Thursday, March 31, 2011


For the past several weeks, I've heard some people quitting Wizard101, and EVEN my friends have this issue. I have also felt this feeling that I log on the Wizard101, talk to friends, farm, hatch, then log out. It seems like I do this every time. People are saying Wizard101 is getting boring, I agree to that. But they need to understand to be patient and think if your a Kingsisle producer. You have to think how much money and time they have put into this game. It takes TIME and most people dont appreciate that. Celestia, Mounts and Cl Houses are the newest addition to the game. It is amazing that many people put their effort into this. As you know, Wintertusk is coming. Kingsisle has taken action to respond to this loss of costumers. I have some suggestions to keep you into the game. Its Hatching-then leveling the pet, Farm with friends, and PvP. You can see how much your friends would miss you and wont have the feeling to be your friend if you leave. You just need Patience.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

69 pedigree Rain beetle!

I just hatched with a Sea dragon and almost got the highest pedigree known on wizard101. This is an issue about hatching with Sea Dragons, it seems like you just can't get the crowns pet. I think kingsisle dont want this pet to reproduce without buying crowns or something. The pedigree of my Rain beetle, as it said on the title, is 69. It has ONE uncommon talent, the rest were rare, ultra-rare, 4 epic talents. I had to go before I got to take the picture of my new pet, and I am hoping I will get an oppertunity Tomorrow. Also, my friend told me this cheat about leveling ancient pets and make it cost only 2 energy! I just hope I knock out the epic talents and have the pet I've always dreamed of with stats like Spell proof, Spell defy, Spritely, and Pain Giver. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cloud o Bugs, May cast Locust Swarm?

I just noticed some guy with  a krok pet and tried to hatch with him. He cancelled the hatch before I could take a pic. But from what I saw, It gave Cloud o bug talent. It said May cast Locust Swarm! WOW. Anyone know about this? Anyone know what pet carries it? Petnome, prepare to make space for this hidden talent!


My 3rd Storm beetle hatched today and I got time to train it. IT WAS WORTH IT! IT LEARNED SPRITELY YAY! If things go well with the training, I would like for it to learn spell proof, spell defy, and pain giver. Thats what the best pet ever would have! For now, I am leveling it up to Adult for it to give card and increase its spritely speed talent.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Reaper gives Storm accuracy?

My reaper, which is a hybrid of wraith and hydra, gives storm accuracy! It is probably because I hatched it with my Storm hound. My Storm hound gave Pip o plenty, Storm accuracy (this is probably why it got storm accuracy) and Stormblade. Well, I am going to continue leveling this pet tomorrow and see what it gets. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Spritely Ultra-rare or Rare?

I just hatched with Taylor, my friend, which had a nightmare pet with spritely and spell proof. As a result I got my pet which was rain beetle. I looked up on Petnome and saw the spritely type.
And I looked at my starfishs spritely type
It says Rare. Hmm this is weird. OH and 2 dots means rare, 3 dots means ultra-rare.
Here is the hatch result.

Is this a bug? Anyone know about this?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tower Shield Again?

I leveled my Rain beetle and it gave Tower shield!
I am gonna continue leveling this pet.


I logged in and farmed Cuthalla a couple times and this guy came in. I warned him not to use buffs in front of cuthalla, then he said "I know dude, stop telling me what to do" in a mean way ( I have to put it that way because he used some inappropriate words. Then I said "Yo, Whats your problem?" and he said "You, I can beat cuthalla on my own. Then my friend, in battle with us, used buffs to annoy him. He went berserk and cussed. There were some people around us, and it is my duty to report such foul language because the other people might learn from him and start using what he said in front of everyone. Eventually, he died and his second char did too. He fled and whispered to me a couple times. I said he was only going to hurt himself if he were to use more foul language. After several times of that. I threatened to ignore him, and he stopped. I felt bad for reporting him several times, but I had to, that's what the report button is for. I am not happy in the future that he will get muted or worse, banned. I just want to put a stop to players like this. 

Friday, March 25, 2011


I had enough for hatching and came across a guy that caught my attention. He had a Rain beetle, it is a mix from storm beetle and storm beetle. I got his pet, with 58 pedigree and some epic talents! If I dont get what I want, I will quickly stop training and move on.

Do you think Kingsisle should make pet changes? *edited*

I would like to conclude hybrid pets and Ask Kingsisle to make changes to the hybrids.
Hybrid pets should change cards. For example, Tempest hound should give Storm orthrus card. I think that would be exciting.
Pets should only have 4 slots for talents and 4 slots for derby talents. I dont understand why there are excess slots. It should automatically choose which talents the pet inherits.
Also, I would like to have a pet that could change color. We would be able to dye our pets whatever color. THAT WOULD BE COOL.
If these changes make it to the live game, I would be honored.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A gift from James

While leveling up my pet, I cam across a guy named james who wanted to add me. Doing so, he gave me an energy elixir! YAY! THANKS JAMES! I really didnt expect this. Right now, I am leveling up my pet like crazy! I hope I get an epic talent.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something Special

Today, I arrived from school and went in the computer to find something "special" come in the spiral. It could be the new updates, which means new pets! Or maybe just some crowns item being introduced. Maybe a Celebration? We're gonna have to wait 8 days to see that. Comment if you have some ideas about it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Level 58 pets!

For the upcoming level 58 pet ideas, I am going to attempt to predict all of them.

Leviathan pet-leviathan card; though I am not sure this will come because of the leviathan pet made from hydra and stormzilla.
Storm lord pet- This would be cool since I would like to see it and the cloud under him float
Storm shark pet- This would be a cool pet, but I dont know, There is already a shark mount.
Triton pet- This is the best pet for Storm wizards. I would make a pet like this if I were a Kingsisle worker.

Dragon pet? maybe.
Efreet pet- This is the Best pet built for Fire wizards.
Pheonix pet- Would be cool; but never seen its tail.

Frost Giant- Would be the best pet.
Ice wyvern- Pretty cool to have one of those
Snow angel- BEST PET EVER!

Medusa? YUP
HomoungoFrog- eh Its OK
Earthquake pet- Pretty weird xD

Skeletal Dragon- Best pet for Death
Vampire- Gonna be good

Centaur pet- WOO
Forest lord pet- WOOx2
Dryad pet- WOOx3

Ra-Beast pet
Lady Judgement- would be like seraph but still good pet
Nova pet- O.o

There you go guys. Comment if you have some ideas. Maybe your wish comes true!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pet training and Energy conservation

Check out the new Page, under Pet training and Energy conservation tactics. I hope you like it

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Epic Contest!

Right now, I am busy leveling my tempest hound to epic. 164/1000 right now. When I get this pet to Epic, and if I like the stats, I will host a contest! The contest will be about blue butterflies. All you have to do is Take a photo of this Blue Butterfly if it comes along. Sometimes, It appears as a blue blur flying past you. Note: People who are gladly helpful to me have will be given a Clue to where this Butterfly usually comes.
The winner will be rewarded crowns...I am not sure yet how much since I havent completed my Quest. Good luck Wizards!

Also, The hatching lines are open! Feel free to comment and put in where ya wanna meet. Tell me about your pet and its stats!

Egg pet recipe!

My friend had an egg pet and was really happy to tell me the recipe of it.
There you have it folks! Collosus+dragon=pet egg! What are you waiting for? HATCH NOW :D

Fire beetle?

I saw this guy with a weird pet, but he was mute...Check this out
and Here is the stats
Times 3? Wow.
Comment if you guys know about this.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Reaper pet!

I hatched with a guy named Wolf ( it seems like people with short names give cool hatching results). Well, here is the photo of my new pet
I have to watch out for those uncommon dudes. Hmm.
I got a line of people waiting to hatch with me, so if you want, you can just comment and tell about your pet.

Dye Glitch?

I saw that my friend had a blue hat, but he said he didnt.
This happens sometimes.
Also, there is a glitch about stats and resistance saying that the guy only resists 1 but he resists more.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

100th post!

Woot this is my 100th post or my w101st post lol. So, this is my 100th post and it seems just like yesterday I posted my first post. As you can see at the right, There are new pages regarding my stats. Right here--->
Do not hesitate any longer! press one of the tabs on the right.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New weird pets? or just ignored?

Lately I have seen new pets. Some look like they've been half-hatched, and others look stunning. Thanks to people who experimented, we were able to access different theories of upcoming pets. Experiments were luckily successful including Nightmares and an Egg that has gobbler-like legs. It is very interesting to experiment with different pets to unlock Never-before-seen pets. Keep hatching although that it makes you feel that you might not get something that you want and proceed with this topic. People are saying that Kingsisle Entertainment are hiding these things from us. They are not. People just dont know yet what is to come. So, keep hatching, Good luck, and I hope you get something new.

10 needs for wilting plants?

Today, I have been leveling up my tempest hound and didnt get so far. I checked my plants on how they were doing....
Thats gonna bite my energy elixir down.
Here is my progress on my pet
I think I need to beg for mega snack packs again o;

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This Afternoon, my 2nd tempest hound pet hit Adult. By the way, it gave storm proof on teen( I was too disappointed that I didnt want to post about that). So, tempest hound is adult and here is what it gave:
TOWER SHIELD YEAH! It's 1 out of 4. But, sadly, you can only unlock 4 talents /: So I will probably spend all day tomorrow, during my wizard101 play time, leveling this guy up to ancient. My maelstrom dragon plants still dont give one mega snack. I left them for dead because I was too dedicated to my tempest hound here. Heh, thats what they get for not giving me any mega snacks :P

I don't think there will be 2 leviathan pets!

Today, I saw people talking about Wintertusk. As for me, I am not really excited about it. I thought I finished the exhausting Grizzleheim, but it seems like I didn't yet. For the pets, I really dont think there will be a leviathan pet. Remember this?
So there is a Slim chance there WILL be a Leviathan pet for storm school.
But for now, Let's wait and keep Hatching pets.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Four Hundred Forty-Three resist?

Today, I came across a friend of Angel. I noticed there was something fishy about his stats.
Thats some resist!


Ok, so I got enough money to hatch and I came across a guy named Angel. He had a defender pig that was epic and had pretty good pet stats. So I hatched with him using my Tempest hound and here is what I got.
Imagine, what if I unlock all epic talents!
So, after, I thanked him. Just like I do after any hatch.
Turns out, he was a pretty nice guy.
Others flee from me after they hatch...
So, I introduced him to my blog and posted this picture with him.
If you happen to see this guy, THANK HIM!

What is the use of all talents?

Yesterday, I took my Tempest hound to adult with Power pip chance and Storm-proof. I am a little happy about it since it doesnt give bogus stats like helion over here. I found out that after epic, your pet will have 4 talents. So, what's the use of the other ones? It's a waste of Graphics, If you think about it. I say, after a level, our pets would have TWO talents learned aside from Derby talents. Right now, I have to train my tempest hound on Strength, Intelligence, and Agility since it boosts the power pip and storm proof up.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Losing Customers

For the past couple weeks or so, I've seen players slowly quit wizard101. Kingsisle, It's time to take evasive action if you want to keep your players.

Anyway, I still dont have any mega snacks from my maelstrom plants.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rocking Tempest hound!

It seems like days have passed just waiting for my egg to hatch. THEN BOOM, IT CAME!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tempest hound!

For months tracking this pet down, and finally I got it after 11 hatching tries. I am so phsyced( I think thats how you spell it), I think I should hold a raffle! Hmm, maybe maybe.
Thats a Tempest Hound alright!
I am confident with the stats because my friend had a tempest hound with pip giver and storm proof.
I hatched his Tempest hound with my Storm hound, which had storm accuracy, pip giver, and storm blade.
He was myth, so I wonder why he was craving my pet. Hmmm, Interesting.
I was afraid I would get another error hound and I would of named it Regret #11.
Well...I wasn't the only one celebrating this big victory.
Him, too, got my pet. He was going nuts about it. I think it was because my storm hound is a crowns item.
I got my stormhound from a malistaire drop, 2 updates before.I was so excited back then.
Now, I regret getting every one of them.
I sold 9 of my stormhounds. They sold for 2,000+.
Why 9? because if I accidentally sell one of them, they would be wipped off the face of wizardcity.
That would be tragic.

Weird orange plant in Island Getaway?

I was walking around my island and notice this weird plant

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boss replaced as minion in Stormriven?

I was farming after a disappointing hatch today and noticed that a minion replaced cuthalla here in stormriven.
the minion had 1,500+ health and had a name of celestian Remnant.


Press Play on my new voki and see how you can get a new plant solution, and lary the lobsters fitness program!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another set of fun questions!

What damage does a regular gargantuan add on?

c.I hate it, because people use it too much and it irritates me

How much healing does the pet sprite do?

b.I hate it because I am a life wizard and they get me fired off my job

What was the biggest issue on wizard101?

a.chain stunning
b.plant exploit
c.uhhh, what was the question again?

For question 1, answer is a, since letter b is the treasure version
For question 2, answer is c, I dont really know much about this.
For question 3, answer is b, Plant exploit was the current big issue and lead to shutting down dorms and houses for a while. It has been fixed now
Hope you guys enjoyed this batch!

Fun questions of the day!

What does an imp carry?


How many spells does Diego teach?


What wand is taller than your wizard?

a.lvl 55 staffs
b.a wand that looks like a branch
c.that staff that low levels use


Today, I logged on wizard101 and noticed the survey thingy. So I followed the link and here is what I got:
Remember when I bought crowns last 2 weeks?
Well, if you take the survey, you get 1,000 crowns.
I wonder why a school is hosting that...I would want to go there sometime :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Leviathan Damage! sorta.

Here is a High damage of leviathan by me and valkoor! We have some issues and lack of feint and amulet feint, so it wasnt really a good go...
Hope you like it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

2,500 crowns winner!

Well, to choose the winner, I put cards with names of the contestants. Then I turned them down, and picked a random one. Amazingly, my dog picked the same one too! It has been approved that the winner of 2,500 crowns is!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to thank people that joined this magnificent contest. You all deserve a prize. May more contests be held! well, only 10 people joined so its a good thing I'm not so popular that it didnt go high. Tune in for more Great adventures. Thank you, everyone!

John iceheart, Comment me your email, and to be safe, I wont post it up on my blog.

Friday, March 4, 2011

End of the Journey

Since strength and agility are the only stats that boost Spell proof, Baby Champ's journey has come to a close. Leaving 300/500, the starfish gave 8 resist while maxing out strength and agility. Now he will embark on the challenge to ancient, and maybe even epic! Right now, I am playing pvp and testing out my new Friend...don don don :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bubble Orb? or just a glitch?

I was farming Jade Oni myself and summoned a Storm bubble. Then I saw this little orb, if some of you noticed, in the middle of the battle field.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life is Good!

So I got my haircut and my crowns. I spend 500 crowns on stitching and after multiple dance games for my pet, I was impressed at my starfish.
Here is the latest update on travis' gear:
Tempest gear
Normal Gear
Critical gear
Hmm, lots of pictures..Here is one more.
When I put on my critical gear, I get this.
I am the Human Storm Shield, BABY!
But sadly, Low on accuracy there...
I got 2,000 crowns, Should I spend it on Science Center-Crustacean empire to complete my celestia access? Comment for suggestions.

Update Glitches

First of all, I saw Red squares on some spells like spec blast and helephant. This happened sometime before when pet updates were made. Sorry no pictures, It all happened too quick for me to picture them.

Second, Massive Fantasy Palace Glitches. Some say their palace decreases healing, Some increases storm. Hopefully, I am storm :D. In some cases, When I defeat someone, They come back to life. When they hit me, My health decreases for an extra 1,000hp!

Kingsisle, Fix this please!