Training pet and Energy Conservation Tactics

It seems like you just can't get the most out of your energy for these pet training games. I will now explain to you how to complete and get 4 pet xp points for the games.

1.) Dance game- This is the most easy game and I recommend you do this for your pet at about Teen-Adult stage. The only thing you have to worry about is your memory of the arrows. Dance game is not only fun, but it may also improve your memory.

2.) Gobbler drop- This game depends on your Quickness and Agility, therefore it favors Strength. Press the Spacebar allows you to reach snacks from above, AND get the other on the opposite side. Clocks and Hourglasses help you. Clocks give you 6-7 seconds, while Hourglasses slows down everything except you, helps you move fast, and counts as a snack.

3.) Maze game- This requires the use of Estimation of the ghosts trail. Watch out for the ghosts, they slow you down and waste time. Clocks, again, raise up the time. But you want to train your pet as fast as you can, right? Red stars help you move fast. Blue stars let you eat gobblers for 5 points. Get 70+ snacks and your done.

4.) Cannon game- This is the most hard pet game and irritating one. It gives you one Free shot at the beginning of the game to estimate your shot. As for me, I still dont get most out of my energy. This is the last thing I would trian my pet with. For now, I do not know any walkthroughs or tips on this game.

Energy Conservation

To get more than 70 energy in one day is to....

Train in the morning- Training on an early time will trigger the energy and lets it refill. While doing your training on the Afternoon lets it refill a little before you sleep. Remember, 1 hour rounds to 6 energy. My trick is to train in the early morning, go to school, then find energy almost filled up. Easy.