Thursday, April 28, 2011


I hatched with a girl that has a Frontier dragon. It was another win! Her pet's stats were Pain giver, spritely, and spell proof. Almost just what I wanted!
5 epic stats woo! I hatched frontier dragon with my fragmented dragon. The girl didnt get what she wanted but she liked her pets stats! Thats a win, right? :D

Level 58 pets uncovered on test!

I got the news of the new pets that will be given to lvl 58 and above wizards. Here they are.

Fire wizards will get Pheonix pet.
Card:  Grand Pheonix  540-620 plus a 45% smoke screen
Comments: It seems short, I mean it has no legs! and cost 6 pips.

Ice wizards will get Wyvern pet.
Card: Ancient Wyvern 80-600 over three rounds.
Comments: Another over-round spell for ice! cost 6 pips wow.

Storm will get kraken pet.
Card: Berzerk kraken 640-735 and a storm trap.
Comments: I wish it was an over-round spell /: oh and it costs 4 pips!

Myth will get humongofrog pet.
Card:  Noble Humongofrog 75-525 over three rounds...and to all enemies!
Comments: Its gonna be like snow angel. Its a win for myth wizards!

Life wizards will get Forest lord pet.
Card:  Enraged Forest Lord 620-700 to all enemies
Comments: Wow! A rank 8 pet? Thats a BIG WIN!

Death wizards will get scarecrow pet.
Card: Unknown
Comments: I think it will be an upgraded version of the Scarecrow card.

Balance wizards will get Lady judgement.
Card: Mighty Judgement 440 attack plus 2 random dispels.
Comments: 440? kinda disappointing.. 2 random dispels? just hope you get lucky with those.

They might produce new hybrids. So get your pet and start hatching!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Test realm-know your pets future!

Today, I tested an experiment about pet talents. Remember my Frostcaller? It learned Tower shield and Sharpshot. So I went on test and saw my frostcaller was still baby. I leveled it up and was surprised to see that it had learned tower shield again.
Can anyone confirm this theory? Or is it just a coincidence?

Pictures from Test realm!

For those of you who dont have access to Test realm, this post is for you. I know how it feels and I thought about this....
Here are some photos in case you havent seen the upcoming new world-Wintertusk.
Yup thats a Ram mount!

New pet! It looks like a collosus but a ghost. Gives 60 pedigree. I gotta agree it is an awesome pet!

KRAKEN EGG! AHA! So it is real! Or is it?

Golem enemies? eh, its loading.

The map of the first area of Wintertusk.

Frozen guy! ah poor bear.

There we go. Clear image of the enemies.

Look at that new spell michael cast! WOO EPIC!

Turns out the bone guys drop valuable stuff! LOOK AT THAT ROBE!
Also Diego sells some pretty good stuff for less! Like an amulet that gives 15% block for 100! Athames and rings that give health, mana, power pips and BLOCK also! AND storm hound pet has increased to 130! YEAH! I leveled my storm beetle a little bit with my new limited mega snack packs. It gives disarmament! WOOT! What do you guys think? Has pet talents eventually become real in live realm?
Tune in for more action, folks!

Great news!

Ok, so I got a bunch of great news. Lets start off with this
Jade hounds for everyone yay!

Hybrid area :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another great hatching result!

So I hatched once again. Another sea dragon with my fragmented. As a result, I got my fragmented dragon again. But I wasn't really sad about it because I had a sea dragon and also this pet was Different.
Yup! thats 5 epic slots! And 2 ultra rare! woot! I would be so much happy if I only unlock the epic slots. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dig my Sig!

I recently saw people on Central have photos of themselves and a Wise saying. Turned out, it's called a Sig. After several fails and tries, I finally agreed with my creation.
Hope you like it!

2 seraph-looking pets! 2 good stats!

I leveled up my Frostcaller, hoping it would give spritely or spell proof somehow, but it gave towershield. I am not totally disappointed, because, it already gives a Satyr card and its like 2 for price of 1.
Also, I forgot I had another pet that just looked like this one. So I went to my Island Getaway and started training my tempest( I probably have a post regarding them). I was actually happy of what it gave.
Spell proof yeah! Another journey begins to 9spell proof defense. I was really looking forward to a spritely pet. I know I have mentioned it several times on my older posts, but if thats what it gives, I have nothing to do but stick with it.
Also, I am wondering about the Tempest pet. You know that a frostcaller gives satyr card right? I'm thinking they should change tempest to give satyr, BUT you have to get it by hatching a Satyr and Wraith. It really doesnt make any sense to me and they look like they come from the same family(wings, face, sword). Too bad Woodland hunter! Move it!
I almost forgot to mention, I tried out Wizardconnectx and turns out, its a pretty cool social site.
Its clean, easy to recognize and organized. Its like a Facebook for wizards except no important details of your Real life.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hatching meet-ups!

I will gladly hatch with a pet that has Spell proof, Spritely and Spell defy! Let me show you my adult pets and up.
Fragmented Dragon-66- Life giver and Piercemonger
Sea dragon-65-Spell proof9, Stormproof9 and Sharpshot5
Rainbeetle1-Healthgift33 and Towershield
Rainbeetle2-Spritely and Stormproof3
Helion-You dont wanna know...
Starfish-spritely, iceshot5, healthgift 93
Storm hound-Pipo'plenty3, Stormshot5, and may cast stormblade
Tempesthound1-healthgift114, pipo'plenty5, stormproof9, and Tower shield
Tempesthound2-Stormproof3 and Pipo'plenty1
Supportivewilclaw(balance blade)-Myth accuracy and a bogus stat..
Tempest-Spellproof and Plaguebringer
Frontier Dragon(balanceblade)-Paingiver and Disarmament
Fragmented Dragon-Paingiver and Piercemonger
Frostcaller(satyr card)-Tower shield and Sharpshot
If you have a pet with Spell proof, defy and spritely and have interest in my pets, comment and we'll meet in game.
Since I really want the stats that I said above, I will take this seriously and try to not fail.
The best meet-ups date is on Weekends, afternoon, on hatchery, realm scarecrow, area 1. Cya!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Once again I have scored on the hybrid role! Tempest hatched with my Sea dragon. Check out the 4 epic stats and some Ultra rare stats!
I would have thanked the guy I hatched with, but he ran off :(
Thanks dude with the Tempest, if your reading this!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Level 58 pet video decoded!

Please go through the video before reading below:

The 1st clue here is that the guy with the Scarecrow pet looks like a GM life, dont you think? AND he is using a life wand. Some life equip death wands but I'm just going to put it out there.
2nd, When the girl un-equips her mount, you see life signs popping out, AND she is wearing a kraken!
3rd, the red-or maybe fire guy- has the Frog pet. Kingsisle is keeping the real clues well hidden.
4th, The guys in the video don't have any sign of lvl 58+ gear equiped. Or maybe they aren't level 58+ yet and they designed it for them.
These pets well kept hidden and protected. They may be crowns pets or maybe new pet hybirds and it's really hard to track the owners and their pets if they seem similar on a specific school.
Who knows? They could just be testing them out.

Tribute to John Legendsword

Today, my friend John LegendSword(Valkoor's cousin) finished crafting me a Storm/Life hat. It has been several months since I knew him and he decided to craft for me. After a long time of pearl searching, we were ready for the final step. I gathered 32k gold, thinking it would be enough. He sold it. Said 38k. BOOM it hit me. With my lightning reflexes, I quickly sold my useless storm boots and athame. I went back. No one bought it yet. Tried. Fainted........

Woke up. Found the hat on my head. Celebrated. Thanked John. Looked at backpack. Low on pips. Well eventually I stitched it with my vet hat and then we farmed Chancel. I am very lucky to have a friend that trusts me. Here are some friendly pics:
John and me :D

Stitched gear

Tried to hide power pips with mouse but failed.
Tune in for more action, folks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cat Tail Fail?

How am I supposed to get the CatTail when Kingsisle recently put a barrier off the pond?
I spotted this while doing my crafting quests. It looks like kingsisle blocked this because of the Tunnel cheat discovered.


Thunderbird finally mine! Yeah! Rare spell ALL MINE! Here are some pics
Here it shows that I skipped accuracy spells! I am so happy I did that! So I learned sun, some star spells, life, conviction, elemental blades of course(almost forgot about that one) I'm testing it out on some pvp. I AM SO HAPPY YEAH! I just want to thank you guys for visiting my blog regularly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thunderbird video!

Here is me casting thunderbird on the gobblers with a 1000+ hit points

Well, you may notice that something isn't right on that video. First of all, I dont have all the equipment to record a video. But I am hoping I will have them soon for this post.
Random question: How do you like them amulets?

Commander robe glitch! WOW!

I went into the pavilion and found some glitch. I was wearing a commander+guardian outfit! What the!
I have always dreamed of having a commander suit :(
I might as well enjoy it while it lasts....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thunderbird here I come!

I decided to buy back my training points which costed 5240 with $15 worth of crowns. I think kingsisle put in a little extra so that I buy extra $5! Come on kingsisle....With the training points, I am hoping to learn Thunderbird, a rare spell to be seen. I think its because that Storm wizards dont usually learn fire.
So I am gonna learn fire up to phoenix, life up to sprite, ice up to tower shield, and thunderbird of course.
I have extra points to spend on the NEEDED spells like elemental blades and probably some sun spells.

3000 views! watch out friendly!

I would like to thank you all for stopping by my blog. I thought 100 views are cool enough, but 3,000 is AWESOME. Watch out friendly, I'm gonna go past your views! :D!

Kingsisle takes evasive action!

For the past week, kingsisle has taken evasive action to preserve their players and customers. Now, new amulets are sold for 10k crowns. I, myself, would not reccomend to buy such thing. First of all, Pip transplant for 10k crowns? Might as well buy your training points back and actually CHANGE your performance. This update will re-write pvp history. It will change EVERYTHING. I am very happy that redeeming t-points cost half as much. While my w101 loads, Good luck wizards!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FROST CALLER, and Two starfish in a row?

I hatched with Jason Shade's Frostcaller and my Tempest hound! We both got what we wanted woo!
THANKS JASON! I'm on a hybrid role!
Oh and I also got 2 starfish in 2 straight Calypso battles!
Dont believe me?

I am expecting 3 pets hatching tomorrow woot!

Oops, its not Storm dancer!

I found out today that my so called "Jage egg" turned out to be a Wanderer...
I get confused on Storm dancer or Wanderer hmm...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Storm dancer!

Hatching result from Sea dragon and Storm dancer
3 epic talents!
I'm on a Hybrid Role woot!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upgrade spells?

This is what Profesor Falmea said "Your Wizard will be able to "upgrade" one existing spell and will get something new"  and "Wizards already at legendary status will have a meaningful way to increase their powers". It also said that Balance wizards will have one more healing-over-time spell. For us storm wizards-"Storm wizards, you'll find awesome damage at your disporal, but with great capability comes great danger". The new storm spell would probably hurt yourself, eh? Many are coming to the spiral. Wintertusk, New pets, New spells, Harder challenge! Good luck wizards!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Roaming mounts, Exposed lvl 58 pets and more!

Today I clicked the link to the Mount-a-Palooza and found something unusual. Mounts can now Roam around about your house! Plus, level 58 pets exposed! Click Here to see the new video! Only 3 pets were exposed during the Video. They may be false pets to hide the "Real" pets, or they may be real.
Also, head on down to Kevin Battleblood's blog to find some amulets that make power pips useful to your secondary school! I've explained enough now, Whats next?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I got enough money and had to trade my Storm boots for This amazing pet! This guy named Kane DrakeTalon had a Fragmented dragon and we got what we wanted! I got his pet and he got mine! Woot, its a win win!
Here are the stats
4 epic stats! woo! THANKS KANE!


WOOT I finally trained and maxed out Strength, power, and agility and I was surprised to see the results!
Just this Earlier, It gave Sharp-Shot! Just what I need to balance out my Accuracy when I am on critical mode! If I get Spell defy, my life would be complete! I will have 101 resist with heartsteel! Yay!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forming a PvP team!

First of all, I am making a PvP team(only for practice) and it is called Travis' Toddlers, Just kidding. It is called the Saints. So, if you got what it takes, comment where we'll meet and Get ready for a 2 out of 3 match against me. I'm sorry if I rejected you. As for my Already-Friends, they will have to do the same also. No treasure cards, sorry, Do not waste your valuable tc's over me. Level requirements will be 56-60. You will have to balance out your stats and no stats will be lower than 10. We'll be doing No RANK matches, because I ran out of sub and you'l most likely find Rude people that dont say gg at the end of the match. So, um, Good luck and see you all! Must have Sword Saint badge as a sign of acceptance and recognition

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No need for Ranked PvP anymore!

There are ways obtaining Magma Collosus. I took the Easy way, which was hatching. For Years, I have admired this pet to be mine and finally I got it.
Woot, nice stats though. But Sadly I hatched it with my nonsense stats Helion. So I will have to be careful not to unlock those bad stats.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I leveled my Sea Dragon which just hatched this afternoon and it gave SPELL PROOF!!