Monday, February 28, 2011

Crowns Contest!!!

Today I am holding up a contest for free and all you need to do to recieve this wonderful crowns gift of 2,500 crowns is comment! Comments that have no name will be deleted. Please put up your Wizard101 name only! I am putting up this contest because:

1: Its my first contest as a blogger
2: I am celebrating my blog reaching almost 1,000 viewers!
Thats all for the contest...

Now, lets get down to bussiness. Live realm on and yatta yatta yatta, Oh and Efreet weakness can now be rid off by Cleanse Charm! YAY, At last we storms are free from those bad boys. Also I am buying myself 2,500 crowns too and probably using them for stitching and area pricing. BUT, sadly, I have to get a haircut first! D:< I am studying for a test and wont be online today. So, yeah, I bought the Island Getaway and Good luck to whoever wins! Deadline is March 5 so hurry and join! :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Progress

Since its been a while that I shared my progress with you all... I decided that I'm going to do one in the meantime.

1st: My Gardening status. I'm planting those Bad Boys because I heard that they give 2 kinds of Mega snacks.

2nd: My Pet Status.
He gives 4 resist after some gobbler drops. Thanks Valkoor Lifefinder for teaching me to boost strength stats! Sigh, Like luna, Baby chance doesnt want to be pictured. It gave Blizzard card on adult. Which I was terribly disappointed. I was hoping it would give spritely or something

Here is the result when I put on my Current Gear,

3rd: My Spell deck status. I remember someone asking me to post up my spells, so here it is:
and Lastly, since I feel today is a special day, I am going to put up the Pet of the Day!
Pet of the Day is Starfish Pet!

Guardian Comics 2

5 days ago.....

Valkoor: I have found to source of the Flapdoodle!
Travis: Awesomeness.

Both:Lets beat this place for good!
20 minutes have passed....

Travis: Use Forest Lord captain!
Valkoor: I...I.. Can't
Travis: What is this? No mana!
Valkoor: Heheeeeeheh

4 seconds later....

Travis: Off with his head!
Valkoor: 0:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Guardian Comics

John(right): We must guard Valkoor(center) at all costs!
Travis(left):Yes we must!
Valkoor: Lets fly to my domain and protect it from further evil

5 hours later...
Travis(middle): Lets Guard this Sacred shrine!
John(left): Aye aye!
Valkoor(right): Where did you guys keep your gear...?
Both: uhhhhh....
Valkoor: CHOP HIM!
Travis: NoOoOoOoOoOoOo!
Both: 0:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Logging in issues

I've been denied several times when logging on wizard101...
I guess they are putting on the updates

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


*edit edit* gives 2 resist now

The prophecy has been fortold!

As you can see when you log on to wizard101, that they are getting rid of some mounts. It is a sign that the Celestia houses and updates. Yay! Finally!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hatching issues.

I dont know why, its like I keep getting storm hound or starfish when I hatch with someone. Curse this Curse that is hidden amongst me!... . ... . ...


Well my money is down at 66k and I quickly recovered from that with an easy cuthalla farm. I am patiently waiting for the Updates to go live. I hear a voice inside me saying, "COME ON ISLAND GETAWAY! COME TO PAPPY!"....oh, its just my stomach *eats sandwich*..


My friend has this vocabulary that not every theurgist has. Valkoor Lifefinder, now having a blog, is 75% random and 25%  Flapdoodle...See what I mean, Now I have his randomness..
Look at that "Friendly" face....

If you happen to see this guy, run as fast as you can!
Follow a train track towards west, get a job and earn enough money to buy yourself a taxi ride.
You'll be safe that way.
This man has many weapons including a toilet plunger, swiss cheese, and his Cute Face.

Leveling up my Grand life

After I finished my goal on Travis, I decided to level up my Life Grand, Noah Rainbow. He is level 53 and still on the first quest on survey camp, which was to get four bottles from the crabs. I cheated a while back and took him to Chancel several times... Now my friend and I are teaming up to level up our second chars to legendary. I wouldn't be able to get Forest Lord when I hit level 58 because of lack of access into Grizzleheim. But I will try to level him up for Criticals.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valkoor's late evening party!

Today my friend, Valkoor Lifefinder, invited me to his party which started on 9:00. I suited up my gear for some late night partying! here are some pics:
We had a good time, as you can see.. heheh.
Next to me, you can see Sloan Skythorn a legendary death.
That guy over there, wearing blue and black, is Valkoor Lifefinder, and his other char next to me on the left.
That was some party! I am hoping to do it again sometime...

Saturday, February 19, 2011


After reaching my 185k goal, I decided to recover my money.
And, after a couple of tries, I got this.
I checked the pet stats at petnome, and was amazed that it has no nonsense stats like before.

185k, my goal!

As I farmed cuthalla for the last time to reach my goal, I ended the match with a quick levy and hurried to the bazaar.
I reached my goal of having 185k! The farthest I've been all this time.
What will I do with the money you ask?
Let this picture speak for itself...
                                                             I'll spend it on Guardian outfit of course!
                                                 And, Would still have money for the Island getaway!
As you know, I am a big fan of Friendly's Fashion sense!
The Guardian outfit should look like the Prestigious and Commander gear to be bought by that much.
Kingsisle, if your reading this, Please Change the look.
It should look like the real deal for 85,000 dont you think?
or maybe just lengthen the robe a little?

Friday, February 18, 2011


When I logged on today, I immediately started farming the bosses on stormriven. I was hoping to get the Spinyfish pet, Yes, he drops it, but no luck. So I sold my excess stuff at bazaar and was amazed by my gold result!
I forgot my friend asked me to hatch with him. Sadly I got another storm hound.
Then I farmed some more to recover. My gold after the hatching was 110,000...
Then I farmed some more x2. Then I had to stop for the day with 150,000
People, I highly recommend farming stormriven bosses as this is the gold you'll get.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I completed my farming with cuthalla and reached 103k plus selling a life wand. wootttt!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saving for new celestia house: Island Getaway

Since I can't craft the other celestia house, I am saving up for the one that requires gold. I havent finished the kt quest due to lack of access. Anywaaaaaay, I am up at 70,000 now by farming cuthalla and the other stormriven bosses that seem to randomly appear...
78,117 to be exact.
Oh and I remember a guy asking me to post my stats on my blog so.....There it is.
The one I am wearing on the picture is my attack gear and basic one.
Why not 15 accuracy? because my stormhound gives some 5 accuracy and I am pretty proud of it.
I am running low on crowns and wont be getting some for a while.
If you noticed, Celestia gear and Grizzleheim gear do I put this....
Not Fashionable.
I dont know what happened, but I think the guy who creates the outfits needs sleep or something.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Enter the contest!

As you know, there is a contest for fans of wizard101, and unfortunately, only one winner can win a subscription FOREVER and a signed picture. So, I am trying out my computer-made art work.
Good luck!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watching Mad

This is a video of Mad that I find completely funny!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bush pixies!

I am happy for my bush being able to like pixies! These bushes are my second batch, the first batch, well you know.
We are trying to snap a pic of it but it wont stay still!
Then Michael said something that made it

Friday, February 11, 2011


Look at what my sister made! Actually its a pig made from yarn and yarn stuffing....
Hmm, I'll add it to the collection of stuffed animals!
For those who are wondering, that is me holding the pig.

Ancient is one day away

With the help of my bread bush's mega snack giveaway, I was easily able to get close to my starfish's goal. I used my last energy elixir, given by kingsisle. As you can see, I am one day away from reaching my goal, since i ran out of energy that quick.
and again, my starfish doesnt want to get snapped by the cam...
Anyway, due to too much time usage on my pet, I completely forgot about the dandelions I planted yesterday.
Dont go into the light! I will soon revive you!
Curse you bush plants!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New wizard101 commercial!

I noticed there was a New w101 commercial on youtube. I thought I saw me char sporting mooshu clothes near the end of the video!
                                                            haha really looks like me!                                                                
Anyway,  I'll let you guys be informed and those who were confused about this housing issue on Feb. 9th. Click here

Time to get mega snacks the hard way.

It turns out you can't sell anymore megas to bazaar! Pretty gloomy but luckily I know some tricks and tips :P!

 Trick 1: Plant fairly and get it like a man!
 Trick 2: Spend 2,500 crowns on it. ( I highly dont suggest this as a good tip)
 Trick 3: If you have a good friend, and he gets it to you without you asking him, good job! your a good friend!

Motto: Dont cheat and you wont sweat ( I dont know if that rhymes lol)

Leveling Starfish to ancient

Ok, enough sorrow, I have leveled my starfish up with the remaining mega snacks that my Friend sold me. So yeah it took time and I'm sharing my progress
My starfish seems unlikely to get snapped by the cam, heheh...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Many of people were talking about their friends who got banned and how it leads to plant stacking. Ok, Here's how I found out about it. I was going to pvp then my friend said some dude got banned, then my friend immediately sold his mega snacks. I was tempted, and bought some of them. Now my friend said he got rid of his cheating trail! I asked him where he got that much snacks, then he just said to leave him alone. Curious, I searched the web about this, but no luck. Now I ported to my friend and there were guys talking about spamming emails to ki! I am completely revolted and disguised as one of them. They were talking about their Warlord friends that got banned by doing plant stacking to get mega snacks! Here is a picture:
This is the group that knows about this mega snack cheat. If you see them, report them immediately!
They know the glitch!

Here is what they are talking about

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Stuff!

My sister has helped me with this new background and blog picture and hope you guys like it. We had tons of problem finding the right one and when we stopped to look at it, there always had to be a problem. So this is the closest we've been to perfect. Thanks for my sister, Destiny Deathgem! She did most of the work here like 99.9%! haha...Good night wizards!

Monday, February 7, 2011

180 critical for all school?

I'm at the bazaar finding things about and I came across a guy with 180 crits all schools!
looks like a glitch to me

House item of the day

I just bought a telescope from the bazaar but it has a stand
Taking some pictures for my plants... Maybe put them on a magazine sometime

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New gadgets!

Well I am experimenting new gadgets from now on and added a few of them on my blog inlcuding Wic Wac Woe, Feed the fish and Calendars... Comment if you guys want themon there or not.


I was working with my myth noob (low level if I offended anyone)
and I found these arrows leading from ambroses house to olde town...
Hmm Weird..

Quest tracker glitch maybe?

My Art Works

I have been working on a painting done on the computer so I'll share it with you all!                                    
Thats a 2-day work right there!
I couldnt do any attack cards since they were too detailed...
Tell me what you think

Friday, February 4, 2011

Olde town glitch (not the tunnel)

After feeling down by my helions stats, my friend found a glitch that cheered me up a little. It's a New Olde town glitch!
"I just logged on and here I am" -Michael Firerider
Due to a short amount of time to play late Wizard101, I said good-bye to my friends and logged off
Regards to my Great friends Valkoor Lifefinder and Michael Firerider, I am lucky to have you as a friend.

Why? Helion.

I am a little bit disappointed of what my pet gave me when it was adult. Here is the pic:
CONGRATULATIONS? Who wants astute!
I am completely upset right now....
I guess its a normal pet afterall.

Dragon's mouth party

Its been months and I am bored almost everytime I log on wizard101. So I am hosting a party on Saturday! Well, not much requirements there are but here is the information of the party

Location: Dragon's mouth cave
Time: 11:00-3:00
Realm: Scarecrow area 1

I am hoping to see you all there and looking forward to some fun!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please Help

I am leveling up my helion and I am running low on snacks and energy. So if you have a lot of crowns and can spend them anytime, I need your help. Even advices are greatly appreciated.
If you want to know where I am, please comment and I tell you my friend code.
Thank you all.

Candle hunt #2

Here is the second Candle hunt:
A little hard than last time.The candles on the stands dont count.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helion pet talents

I just leveled up my helion to teen and was disappointed that it gave durable, which is a boost of a attribute. So I checked the website and it wouldnt show up. Any of you guys know helion pet talents?