Saturday, October 6, 2012

PVP has changed

For the past following weeks, the course of Practice PvP has taken a wrong direction. People have been treating practice pvp as a game( you know what I'm talking about ). People have been fleeing when their team is going down, and say it doesn't matter or it's just a game. But, many people treat pvp as a fun game, and it IS fun when all players are present. So, Please, don't join unless your really up for a real battle. It could mean our friends coming back to the game to experience fun in pvp, not just fleeing noobs.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Zafaria Ice Crafted Gear and Spirit Drums Tips

Hey Guys! Travis EmeraldSpear here, In this post I am going to show you my Ice, Hunter WinterBlood's Gear and Progress. I haven't done much crafting when it first came out, so when I started, I was a little bit behind. I did the Spirit Drums quest in two weeks (Whew) and eventually all those time farming for stone blocks for fossils paid off.
 As you can see, Here is Lil' Ol' Hunter regaining health from a previous boss fight.

Here are the stats containing the Crafted Zafaria Stuffs...
The Advanced Stats...
Here is my ranked status. I wanna talk more about this since I got matched with a consecutive warlord fights when I first began ranked. They were a little bit lower than my level but I think its a little unfair though. Has any of this happened to you guys?
Here is my 4v4 Spell Deck, I don't use much treasures because I do practice now. My last ranked match was a month ago and I had no crafted gear. I copied this spell deck from my friend which is warlord, so I knew this will take me to great heights. Feel free to copy my spell cards for any Ice Brothers out there Reading! 
 And this is my 1v1 deck. As my friend said, When your ice and you do 1v1 ranked, you just copy this spell deck. Basically the strategy is you blade, bubble, frostbite then mammoth. Be sure to have reshuffle because it is beast. I dont use elemental since the enemy will know you will go Blade-Rampage on them and might enfeeble or earth you.

Now we are up on the Spirit Drums Tips. Basically you have to craft 4 conga drums for 2 spirit drums. Really hard when you dont have the ingredients already. I admit I was stuck on it and gave up, but when I discovered that I almost got the reagents, I figured I could finish it. 
You need a lot of fossils. Farm them in bazaar OR get stone blocks from Atheneum-next to the rose area or Nidavellir.
Sunstones or Sandstones in bazaar. Easier to get sandstones since Sunstones disappear in like 5 seconds lol 
Aether, Black pearls, and Golden Pearls in Portico. Every trip there guarantees a double Kelp ( sometimes aether) and Pearls ( sometimes black pearls, and transmutes to golden pearls.) 
Well thats about all the hard stuff the Spirit Drums Quest has to offer to us. For those to want to meet me, I will be doing 4v4practicepvp on my ice, Hunter WinterBlood. Greet me and my friends while your there :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hunter WinterBlood gets Snow Angel

Yo sup, guys? It's been another long while since I've posted. I just wanted to let you guys know that Hunter has reached level 58 and can cast Snow Angel today! Remember that lvl 18 ice guy? Well I got only one month of sub and it looks like I'm making progress. Hunter has 50 resistance overall, 28 damage, sergeant badge, Cosmic kris and Stellar Signet, and my Defender pig from Travis. I'm still adjusting to the whole point that Storm has Stronger attacks, but with the time I have, I can stack up blades for a big Angel. I just wanna thank the people that keep visiting my blog. You guys are awesome! Pictures coming Soon!