Thursday, March 14, 2013

Upgrade Everything!!!

Hey guys, how have you all been doing battling monsters, fighting people, crafting clothes, making friends, having parties, getting that beast crown gear and making that perfect pet? Well, I only have done two of those! Recently, My family moved to Canada and since most people my age can have part-time jobs, I decided to give Wizzy another go. So I bought a month of sub and some crowns(2500) to go with it. I was determined to focus mainly on Hunter WinterBlood, my lvl 70 ice wizard, and get his buffed up (poor Travis Emeraldspear, I will have to set him aside for a little while(6-8 months).
Here is a pic of Hunter's stats:

I crafted the Avalon Ice gear to get these wonderful common statistics on Hunter
 You can see Hunter's rank stats with that straight 700...
 My pet, you ask? I'm sticking to this bad boy after it got one defense higher than my defender pig(13resistance)
If you guys wanna say hi to this guy, you can probably find me either 1v1 ranking or 4v4 practice.
If you are Ice and want to know how to demolish people in rank, I am going to set up a quick tip for you guys(other schools, no peaking!)
You have to have a DoT(Damage over Time) spell. Without that, you cannot get rid of the towers and ice shields that they cast and they will cause you stress. I recommend Frostbite but Snow Angel works too. Then, you are gonna need a big hitter, Mammoth or whatever that new lvl 88 spell is called. You MUST have a staff, wand or sword that is not Ice, for they will cause trouble when they cast weakness or tower(especially those jujus!)
Just stack up and heal, but MOST IMPORTANTLY: CARRY DOOM AND GLOOM
You don't wanna waste that 3k hit mammoth and have them heal it off like lemonade on a hot day.

 As always, Thanks for checking out my blog and stay tune for more news!