Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back from a 5 month break!

I know I have not posted in a very long while, let's see if I still have the juice. Ok, so I have been working on an Ice character lately and not to pat myself on the back but I didnt pretty good
As you can see, I traded my Sea Dragon I leveled up on Travis.
So this is what you'll see if you look at my stats. Heartsteel, which you can buy as a crowns item in the WC athame shop, is involved here.
Travis hasn't got his Waterworks gear yet. I am a bit behind right now. I have 1 crown, no Subscription. It's really hard for me to get subscription. You can usually see me in a 4v4 at the pvp arena battling my way out of boredom. Any Donations? hahaha...
Well, I guess you already heard about Zafaria. 70 level cap. New level 68 spell. New gear. New pets?
Well by the time I get my Waterworks gear, Zafaria should already come out already and Waterworks should be like Briskbreeze now.
Shouldn't the Frankenstein spell look more death than storm? I guess allot of people thought about that. Well here's the story-Frankenstein is Death. Remember him coming back to life and you see him on halloween? hahah, I guess I'll leave it for you guys to think about it.

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